Lucia Yoga Retreats in Southern Spain

Exploring the Pancha Mahabhuta (the 5 Elements) - in Grazalema, Andaulcia, October 2016
Exploring the Koshas (the 5 layers of being) - in Granada, Andalucia, July 2017

"This was literally the best yoga/ travel/ retreat/ vacation that I have ever had.  Spending a week with 23 new friends in a beautiful setting in a small retreat center was intimate, comfortable, and offered much renewal and personal refreshment!   Astrid's asana and yoga teachings were fused with depth and layered meaning.  I came away feeling that I learned so much.  I was in better physical and mental shape, and with a renewed commitment to deepening my yoga practice." - Cindy

In joyful partnership with Patricia Villegas and Antonio Escobar of Lucia Yoga Retreats in Andalucia, Spain!
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