Nature Fix!

Monday, September 17th, 9:30 am - 5 pm at the Arnot State Forest in Danby, New York
Time to get your Nature Fix on!  Spend a day in the Great Outdoors reconnecting with nature and your free and playful young spirit.  Stretch your body and your breath with some basic yoga moves and learn about the land during a meditative walk in the forest.  Forage for wild edible plants and try them during a gourmet picnic lunch and afternoon snack time paired with locally harvested ciders.  Meet new friends as you play games that foster a connection to your youthful self and to nature.  It will be autumn in the Finger Lakes and the changing colors of the leaves will be spectacular.  Here’s your chance to re-discover your Inner Wild Child by spending a day in a forest sanctuary, free from technology and in the company of nature! 

Your day will consist of:

  • Time spent in the Arnot Forest - 4200 acres of rolling hills, forest, grasslands, ponds, and streams - just a 20 minute drive from Ithaca, New York, an iconic town known as the Gateway to the Finger Lakes.
  • A Yoga Eco-Hike: A morning yoga stretch combined with a hike through the forest in which we learn about some of the local plants and the ecology of the land,  pause to breathe deeply, walk quietly and find a spot to sit and clear our minds.  We call it forest-bathing!
  • An unforgettable lunch made of local and nutritious ingredients, combined in innovative ways to present you with some of the culinary delights that are grown in the Finger Lakes region and which will be in season in mid-September.  Think apples, grapes and vegetables galore!
  • An afternoon of activities and games that re-connect you to your primitive and wild ways.  We'll practice making fires, foraging for edible plants, play some good ol' fashioned camp games, support our new friends in safe and simple partner yoga poses and likely laugh a lot together.
  • What's a day at camp without an afternoon snack?  We'll be sure to give you the snack of a lifetime, paired with locally harvested ciders of all kinds, to further boast about the culinary delights found in this bountiful area.
  • A parting activity to set your mind for further connections with nature and a playful attitude to life.

Your Camp Leaders will be:

  • Astrid Jirka - Astrid delights in re-connecting people to a sense of peace and happiness through the practice of yoga and time spent in nature.  She teaches yoga classes and organizes opportunities for people to take their yoga off the mat and into action, such as yoga eco-hikes, benefits for local causes, and overseas retreats.  She is the owner of Vahana Yoga & Eco-Tours and runs the Yoga for the Earth project.
  • Shimon Darwick - Shimon is a trained yoga instructor, health coach, and wilderness instructor.  He dedicates his life to playful living, connection with the earth, and vitality through his business Joyfull Fitness.
  • Shoshanna Perrey - Shoshana is Liberation Chef and Owner of Liberation Supper Club.  Her passion for “food as medicine” and “cooking with color” brings healthy, wild and organic farm produce to the plate.  She designs culinary tastings and special events for people who appreciate the artistry in food and providers her diners with a feast for all their senses.  You wont' believe your taste buds!

Please NOTE:

  • Bring a yoga mat if you have one and something to carry it with or in.  (Maybe: Yoga mats, with carrying straps, will be available to rent at $2/mat.)
  • We suggest bringing a small backpack for water, any snacks, sun screen, bug spray, etc.  Also,  one convenient way to carry the yoga mat is to tuck it behind your back in the straps of the backpack.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather but also easy to move in.
  • Bring a water bottle.

Cost and Day Camp Policies:

Recommended lodging options to further enhance your nature fix or to explore Ithaca: