Glowing Embers Series for your Home Yoga Practice


Glowing Embers Series for your Home Yoga Practice


Glowing Embers Level 1 (Beginner/Intermediate):  This level is for you if you are new to yoga, have any minor injuries or are simply looking for a more relaxing flow that emphasizes gentle stretching, strengthening, balancing and relaxation. 

In this 6 week series, you will learn a one hour long yoga flow that you can practice in your home.  The flow will be based on the 5 Elements known as the Pancha Mahabhuta.   Incorporating the 5 Elements into your yoga practice ensures that you integrate many of the essential components of yoga theory and practice, such as pranayama, the chakras, and concepts such as flow, alignment, stability, transformation and tranquility that can help us with our lives ‘off the mat’ as well.  Learning a routine that you can do on your own at home has great benefits, as the more you practice the deeper your body goes and the better you feel!  We will practice the flow in each class so that you begin to feel it in your body and to memorize it.  You'll also be given a reference sheet that outlines the flow as well as a playlist of inspirational music to aid you with your practice at home.  Modifications will be shown that are pertinent to the level of each student in the class and which you can use depending on your energy level on any given day when you practice at home.   

DATES:  Thursdays, April 6th - May 11th (9:30-10:45am)

LOCATION:   Fine Spirit Studio -
201 Dey Street, Suite 202
Ithaca, NY

$132 for the 6 week series. 
Drop-In price is $25/class.

Pre-Registration Requested though Drop-Ins are allowed.
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To Drop-In for a single class simply show up at the Studio at least 10 minutes ahead of time to get oriented. 

Please note: Under pressing circumstances, partial REFUNDS of 50% of the class fee will be made until 3 days before the Series begins. 

If you have any questions please contact Astrid via email at

I look forward to meeting and working with you! - Astrid

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