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Summer Yoga Eco-Hike

Thursday, August 31st, 9:30-12:30 at Buttermilk Falls State Park

Our Yoga Eco-hike will include the following:

  • With our yoga mats strapped to our backs (or in backpacks), we'll observe the plants and animals that we see and learn a bit about the local history and ecology of the land.  If we're lucky we'll see a beaver or a water snake!
  • We'll spread our mats on the grass next to the creek and practice some yoga postures.  The postures will be adapted to the experience level of those in the group.  You can expect a few sun salutations, tree poses, windmill warriors and other asanas (postures) that remind us of our connection to the natural world. 
  • We'll spend a portion of the hike in a silent walking meditation paying special attention to our ecological footprints.  
  • We'll have a chance to run (or walk slowly) up the 108 Steps to Enlightenment.  
  • We'll find a perfect dyanaspada (meditation spot) to sit for while and breathe in the breath of the trees and feel ourselves connected to the roots of the earth.  Some call this Forest Bathing.

Group size is limited to 12 people.
Age and fitness considerations:  We imagine that people between the approximate ages of 7-70 and in relatively good fitness condition will be most suited to participate in and enjoy this Yoga Eco-Hike.  Please take into consideration your own needs as well as those of the group.

COST: $25.00 - pay by cash or check (made out to Vahana Yoga) upon arrival

We'll meet at Firelight Camps located behind La Tourelle on Route 96 (about 1 mile past Ithaca College).  When you turn in to La Tourelle, drive around and behind the hotel.  It'll turn into a dirt driveway.  Take your first left into the large parking lot behind the small white bath house.  We'll meet in the grassy area next to the parking lot. 

Please NOTE:

  • Bring a yoga mat if you have one and something to carry it with or in.  Yoga mats, with carrying straps, will be available to rent at $2/mat.
  • We suggest bringing a small backpack for water, any snacks, sun screen, bug spray, etc.  Also,  one convenient way to carry the yoga mat is to tuck it behind your back in the straps of the backpack.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather but also easy to move in.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Consider wearing clothes that protect you against ticks.  Ticks are not common on this trail but are found in this region.  Wearing light colored clothing and long pants that can tuck into your socks is preventative.

Rain plans: If it looks like it'll be pouring rain, I'll send an email to cancel this hike.  If it's just a little sprinkle, we may still go. 

By participating on this yoga hike you take full responsibility for your own health and safety.  Neither Astrid Jirka, nor Vahana Yoga & Eco-Tours, may be held liable in case of injury. 

INTERESTED?  Please email Astrid at by Tuesday, August 29th