Vahana Yoga Workshop Samplers

Yoga is a practice that takes place both on and off the yoga mat.

The following are descriptions of workshops that Astrid has either offered in the past or could

  • Bandhas and your Breath (aka Badass Bandhas or Discovering the Bandhas)

    An examination of the bandhas with explanations of the physical and subtle anatomy involved, and the practice of relevant pranayama techniques and asanas that demonstrate when and how best to use the bandhas in our yoga practice.

  • Bending Backwards Deeply and Safely

    An explanation and practice of the anatomical structure of the spine and backbends, including a sequence of yoga poses that warm up the spine, partner poses that assist students to deepen their understanding and postures, a review of the various categories of backbends, a pinnacle pose or two, and an explanation and practice of counter poses.

  • The World Upside Down: Headstand

    An explanation and practice of the anatomical structure of sirsanana, including a sequence of yoga poses that demonstrate the key foundational requirements, alignment principles, partner poses that assist students to be safely guided into the pose, modifications and an explanation and practice of counter poses.

  • Yantra Design

    Yantras are visual representations of yogic attributes that can lead us towards the calm and focused minds we seek. Similar in style to Tibetan mandalas, but simpler, yantras are fun to create and beautiful to behold. In this workshop students learn the symbolism and meanings inherent in the yantras and how to design and draw a basic yantra pattern that they can take home and use for their meditation practice.

  • The Nature of Yoga: the 5 Elements/Pancha Mahabhuta

    Learn how each of the 5 Elements is related to our bodies and minds and how we can use yoga poses, breath and meditation to either increase or decrease these elemental qualities to become balanced and aligned with our natural states of being.

  • The Yoga Tree: Overview of the History and Philosophy of Yoga

  • Partner Yoga

    Starfish, Folded Leaf, Double Dog. These are some of the poses we explore in this playful partner yoga workshop. Working with another person (friend, life partner, or stranger) can support students to get into new poses and/or more deeply into poses they already know, while working on their communication skills and usually a good measure of laughter. This workshop is for people who have had some exposure to yoga.

  • Restorative Yoga: Relaxing into Stillness

    In this workshop, I guide students into stillness through a series of restorative poses. I lead them through some minimal movement and basic breathwork and teach them how to use props to fully support the body into relaxation. Lots of hands-on assisting, soothing music and inspirational words enable students to fully unwind and let go.

  • New Year’s Day: Yoga for New Beginnings

    We start the New Year off on the right (and left) foot, firmly grounded and with clear intentions. This is a class or workshop to both introduce new students to yoga as well as for practitioners of any level to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the yoga studio and be guided through a gentle practice which they can modify as necessary. The class is a combination of meditation, breath work, body work and relaxation. Everyone is welcome from the complete novice to the advanced yogi.

Astrid’s classes are delightful! She teaches from a place of warmth and kindness, providing a challenging series of postures but in a kind-hearted and playful way that makes it easy to get into the flow. Astrid also models the postures and explains them really well, so that it is easy to follow along. Highly recommended! ” — Francis

Private or Private Group Instruction Also Available - If you don't have time to make it to a class or have special needs or interests, a private session can have immense benefits.   Bridal showers, baby showers, or other group events can also be very meaningful and loads of fun!  Contact Astrid for more information.

Please join me for a class or workshop, a yoga hike or a community yoga event to find your inspiration and use your own renewable energy for the benefit of yourself and others!

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Upcoming Yoga Events

buttermilk falls yoga hike

Earth Day Yoga Hike at Buttermilk Falls State Park

Saturday, April 15th, 2017 - 9:30-11am
Please join me for a FREE eco-hike combined with yoga as a way to honor the earth this year.  (Earth Day is actually on the 22nd, so this will give you the chance to honor it twice!)  We'll strap our yoga mats to our backs, consider our ecological footsteps, tune our breath into the trees, and practice poses for renewable energy as we walk together around Lake Treman at upper Buttermilk Falls State Park.   Registration Required.  Event is free and children 12 and up are welcome.

108 sun salutations

108 Sun Salutations Benefit for Cayuga Lake

during Ithaca's first annual Ithaca Reggae Festival
Saturday, June 24th, 2017 at Stewart Park in Ithaca, NY

108 Sun Salutations in a row!  Water is Life!  Test your endurance and offer your practice up for a good cause.  This year's Sun Salutations will be part of a community-wide day of celebration and education about Cayuga Lake.  The Salutations will be accompanied by music and be followed by many activities taking place on the water or in the park including several local legendary reggae bands.  (Past benefits have helped to say prayers and raise funds for causes such as the Ithaca Health Alliance, We Are Seneca Lake, Gas Free Seneca and several individuals in need of emergency assistance for health related causes.)   Stay tuned for more details by signing up for our newsletter.